Emerging Diseases in a Changing european environment

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Who we are

The partners are specialists in the wide range of scientific and technical skills needed to be capable to achieve Eden's ambitious project objectives. These include specialists in the various fields of the epidemiology of emerging diseases and the impact of environmental changes thereon: (i) virologists and parasitologists (ii) entomologists (iii) biologists dealing with reservoir hosts (iv) veterinarians dealing with zoonotic aspects of diseases; (v) medics dealing with public health aspects; (vi) environmental specialists (vii) specialists of specific tools needed to conduct state of the art research: remote sensing specialists, modellers of disease transmission and the dispersal of vectors of disease, specialists on biodiversity and the link between pathogens and the environment.

The Steering Committee (SC) of EDEN includes a chairman, the EDEN general Coordinator, the secretary of the SC and representatives of the Vertical Sub-Projects and the Horizontal Integration Teams. It is in charge of the overall direction and major decisions with regard to the Project and in particular is responsible for the scientific content and budget management.

Focal Points will be in charge of ethical and safety related issues, to ensure that EDEN activities will be carried out in compliance with fundamental ethical principles and all project participants will conform to the legislation and regulations of the countries in which studies are conducted.

For Ethical aspects and safety rules of laboratory work : Kurt Pfister (Ludwig-Maximilians University, Institute for Comparative Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Munich, Germany)

For Ethical aspects of working with animals : Heikki Henttonen (Vantaa Research Centre, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa, Finland)

The Advisory Group of EDEN includes prominent scientists with specific expertise which role is to evaluate EDEN advances and give recommendations for EDEN scientific management to reach expected outputs.

EDEN management team :
- Renaud Lancelot , EDEN Coordinator
- Guy Hendrickx , Steering Committee Secretary
- Olivier Pierre , Financial Advisor
- Sylvie Pugin , Administrative Assistant

Contact us : CIRAD-Département Systèmes Biologiques

EDEN Secretariat
TA A-DIR/B Campus de Baillarguet
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5
T: 33 4 67 59 37 37
F: 33 4 67 59 37 95

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